Coach Mack talking to the players!

The Purpose:


Develop Basketball Skills and familiarize Athletes to the basic fundamentals of basketball. We want to provide Athletes the opportunity to improve their Basketball Skills and overall game. California Thunder Hoops is concerned about the well being and progress of our Athletes. We want to connect the Athletes to positive role models to prevent Athletes from succumbing to negative peer pressures'. California Thunder Hoops wants to provide a safe and secure environment that will promote positive behavior and teamwork 

Huddle Up!!

The Goals:

California Thunder Hoops will work with each Athlete on;


Developing Basketball Fundamentals and Skills

Enhacing their Basketball Fundamentals and Skills

Playing Organized Competitive Sports

Promote Positive Behavior

Good Sportmanship

Being a Team Player


Importance of Academics

Impportance of going to school and maintaining good grades

Goals to furthering their education