Sports Program

The 2017-18 Califormia Thunder Hoops Basketball Club season is starting up again, for our 7th year running. We have grown every year. Each year we have gotten bigger and better we feel that this year will be our biggest and best year yet.


We are currently forming our teams, we have 5 teams with 42 Thunder student athletes. The ages of our players are age 7 to 17 years old. We will be participating in tournaments in the Central Valley, Southern California and Nevada.


Just a little Thunder history, our club was started in 2010 with at risk youth in mind, that is still our focus and it will continue to be so. Not all kids are fortunate to be able to pay AAU club fees, I set out to create a club that would allow for us to focus on the under privialaged and at risk youth. As a kid, I was blessed to have individuals who cared enough to make it possible for me to at least participate and play sometimes. I was never able to play AAU as a kid for lack of money. I made a promise to myself that if I was ever blessed to be in a position to help young people that I would do my best to do so. 


As a high school varsity basketball coach at Chavez this has allowed me to be in a position to work with youth who's families are challeged financially. Cal Thunder Hoops is how I am able to help these youth. It is my goal to not allow money to be the reason a student athlete cannot participate and play.


Our club charges reasonable monthly fees to cover gym time, club insurance and tournaments.      


Our club offers student athletes the opportunity to participate in a team sport while building strong and lasting relationships. It is our goal to reach, teach and motivate student athletes to reach there full potential not only on the court but in life as well.


Furthermore, as we compete we understand and teach our athletes to represent themselves, there schools and there families with the utmost in respect and good sportmanship.


Fun and Action

Health through Movement

We have made conditioning a big part of our program here at Ca Thunder Hoops.  We realize that in order to play the way we want to play, we have to be mentally and physically in shape. We continuously work to improve our minds and our bodys.